Join thousands of Americans already saving on utility costs with the HERO Program.


With the help of the HERO Program, thousands of homes have already made the switch to energy-saving products. As the nation’s largest PACE program, our locations only continue to grow, and your continued efforts towards energy efficiency make for a brighter future. See if HERO is available in your area.


The number of HERO communities continues to rise. With HERO’s PACE program already live in multiple counties across Missouri, homeowners in the Show Me state are now able to lower their utility bills with energy-efficient upgrades. Learn how the HERO Program may help decrease your energy costs and improve your community.


Coming in 2017! Florida homeowners will soon be able to take advantage of HERO, the nation’s largest residential PACE financing program. HERO becomes available through the authority of your city council or board of supervisors, so tell your local elected officials that you are interested in having HERO in your community.